But when someone is fighting something like an addiction, they cannot be changed with a pep talk without a relationship with Jesus, he said. “He (Jesus) is the only one that can actually deliver them from that,” Angela Jarrell said. George Jarrell said he knows people who have been “set free by the power of God,” but man “can only do so much for you.” And “Jesus is the only one that can heal,” he said. George Jarrell said too many churches are moving away from where they should be .“I’m here to tell them the truth and point them back to the cross, Jesus Christ and him crucified,” he said. The church world is straying farther and farther from the Bible, he said, and so is the world in general .“I’m sorry but we have allowed abortion,” he said. “We’ve taken prayer out of school. Now we’re allowing same-sex marriage.” These are against God and people must realize “sin is sin,” he said. Jesus “shed the precious blood at the cross of Calvary for you and I,” he said. It’s important to have a relationship with Jesus “daily, not just on Sunday mornings,” he said.
      George Jarrell said churches are supposed to be separate from the world .“We’re in the world, but we’re not of the world. … We’re separate,” he said Victory in the Cross does not serve doughnuts and coffee as some churches do. “This is not a coffee shop,” Jarrell said. The church formed in 2011, originally in the basement of a home. Victory in the Cross has been at its current location at 1212 Blanchard Ave. since December 2012. The church is nondenominational, “but we believe in the Pentecostal experience,” Angela Jarrell said. The church believes in speaking in tongues, her husband said.
       Victory in the Cross is small but growing, with current attendance about 40 to 50 people at a service. Angela Jarrell said people have been drawn to the church through word of mouth or just seeing the sign as they passed by. However, the church is looking to grow. When people do drive by, “I know without a shadow of a doubt they feel something,” George Jarrell said. Church members also gather for activities other than services, such as a women’s Bible study and luncheon held on the last Saturday of the month .“We’re a family,” Angela Jarrell said. She said Victory of the Cross is “a wonderful congregation” and feels like a community. George Jarrell said the congregation is also diverse and members come from not only Findlay but surrounding communities.“They feel the spirit,” Angela Jarrell said. “That’s what draws them and keeps them.”The Bible, the word of God, says without a vision one will perish, Jarrell said. So Victory in the Cross’ congregation has its own vision. In the future they hope to offer a food pantry, a thrift store and a day care center. Also, Angela Jarrell said, they would like to create a Christian school. Services are held at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. every Sunday, with a Bible study at 7 p.m. every Wednesday. Past services are available to watch on the church’s YouTube channel. Online: www.victoryinthecross.org