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                                     Posted in the Findlay Courier on August 29th, 2015
THE REV. GEORGE JARRELL is shown at the pulpit of Victory in the Cross, a church he pastors with his wife, Angela. The Jarrells say their church “is not a coffee shop,” but a place where worshipers can find strict adherence to the King James version of the Bible and can develop a deep relationship with Jesus Christ. (Photo by Sara Arthurs)
Staff Writer

      The Rev. George Jarrell and his wife, Angela, have seen churches stray from their purpose. Their church, Victory in the Cross, is different from many others, they say. The church is still small but has gradually grown. “Well, we preach the truth. … We stick right to the King James version” of the Bible, Jarrell said. He said he doesn’t arbitrarily read Scripture passages but chooses a passage God guides him to. Many churches are now teaching that people no longer need to ask for forgiveness of their sins, Jarrell believes. Instead, he said, there is a lot of self-empowerment and people who enter a church while they are hurting are given a “pep talk.”
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